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Hitler – A Text From History

 Downcast Hitler

“Is there a problem Mein Führer?!”

“I don’t understand it! Why does no-one put LOL in their messages from the Russian Front anymore?!”

It’s My (Nazi) Party…

Hitler going up steps

“Ach mein Gott!  An intimate gathering I saidNo pamphlets; no speeches; no elaborately staged conventions; no need to dress up…

“Simply a chance for a few like-minded Fascists to cultivate an air of superiority and chill for the weekend in Nuremberg… An opportunity to network and discuss world domination and all things Aryan over a few steins.  Just place a card in a Munich beer hall window I said

“Schweinhund!!!  Damn Goebbels for putting it on Facebook!!!”



Reich,Left; Reich,Left…

Hitler points out the culprit

“Dummkopf!  Arrest that man!  Stormtrooper twenty-three across; two thousand and eighty-two back… It’s goose-step not gangnam!  Goose-step!!!”

Hitler’s Last Appearance…

Hitler and aide survey the Reich Chancellory  April 1945

Hitler and aide survey the destroyed Reich Chancellery – April 1945


“What is it Mein Führer?!”

“It looks like it’s going to rain again…”

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