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The Killing Floor (5)


Oh-my-God!  That’s just so awful!”

“What’s up with you?  You sound like an Essex tart whose boyfriend can’t get it up…”

“That was Gavin on the phone… Haven’t you heard?!”

“Heard what?!  The FSA have declared Fridays an economic free-for-all?  The Press are sponsoring hug a banker day?  The Labour Party have decided it wasn’t our fault?!”

No… It’s Nigel from Mergers and Acquisitions…”

“What – the useless twat has actually made some money?  That’ll be a first.”

“He’s committed suicide…”

“He did that professionally every day with those jokers in M&A.”

“Gavin says it all got on top of him last night…  He went drinking around the Wharf bars – wouldn’t answer his mobile to Daisy… He stepped in front of a DLR train at Mudchute at seven this morning.. awful way to go.”

“Typical Nigel… jumps in front of the most unreliable public transport he can find.  He never could make a decision.”

“It’s the kids I feel sorry for…”

“What about the commuters?  Luckily I drove in this morning.”

“Don’t you ever give it a rest!  A man has died!  Two young children have a lost a father this morning!  Daisy… well; I can’t begin to think of the state she must be in…”

“Look; I didn’t push him…”

“I’m sorry… but it just makes me want to go home and give Trish a big hug.”

“I am too… but Nigel – nice bloke and all that – but the cut and thrust of the job… well, as you say a man has died and it’s a time to be respectful – but he was crap though.”

“According to Gav he had depression – he’d been under the doctor for several months: no one thought it was so bad that this was coming…”

“I do understand you know; I had depression once as well.”

“You did?!  I mean – you did?”

“Don’t sound so surprised – I am bloody human too!”

“I’m sorry… sorry; here’s me mouthing off as if you… you know, you didn’t care.”

“Yeh; people get the wrong impression about me.  Just because I’m great at my job.”

“Well, you do seem to have it all sorted – top dealer three years running, big house, top of the range cars, mega salary and bonuses; Immy’s a top model…”

“I know… but I’ve been there… I’ve stared into the pit of despair.”

“If you don’t mind me asking?”

“That’s alright… I realise it’s difficult for some men to talk about…”

“What made you… you know?”

“It was a Thursday… I was down to my last 10k – it had been a real heavy month expenditure wise…”

“So that was the last straw for you… you weren’t going to do anything stupid were you?”

“God forbid!  It was just one of those twenty-four hour things – like man flu.  Friday quarter of a million went in – Happy Days… no more depression!  So let’s stop wallowing.  Time to move on.  Mine’s an Ethiopian – three shots…”

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