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Mavis And Ted *4*

Mavis & Ted

Weather Girls…


Aaah, that’s better… weight off me feet, a bit of sun and we’ve beat the Bank Holiday rush.”

“Yeh –  it was a good idea to come a few days early.”

“Nice to get away from all the stress…”


Aaah; just smell that sea air…”


“Weather looks set fair… at least according to Carol on that BBC Breakfast.”

Only until Sunday.”

“High pressure in charge she said… a bit of cloud driftin’ in from the Continent but temperatures above average for the time of year…”

“That’s not what Kirsty said on Channel Five…”

“What does she know?!  This was Carol on the BBC… nice lady… always laughing…”

“Listen; they all get the same weather information.”

“Why is it always different then?!”

“It’s a question of interpretation – I expect Kirsty and Sian are more up to date with them satellites than your Carol…”

“Sensationalism – that’s all you’ll get from that channel!  Anyway… they’re weather girls… Carol’s experienced – she’s been forecastin’ for years!”

“Weather woman? – Weather girl? – I’ll have you know Kirsty’s had two babies…”

“Well, unless they were baby satellites I don’t see your point.”

“Meteorological Bureau’s near Reading – right?”


“Channel Five is in London… “


 “The BBC has moved to ruddy Salford so I doubt if Carol commutes on a daily basis!”

“I don’t blame ‘er… I went there once – didn’t like it…”

“I never knew you’d been to the Meteorological Bureau?!”

No… Reading!  It’s a bit like London – only smaller.  Too many people for me…”

“I expect the Meteorological Bureau’s the same.”

“What – small?”

“No too many people – just look at all the weather girls that are on all the channels…”

“I see what you mean… I’ll bet the corridors are full of these young women with big hair, bodycon dresses and high heels – don’t you Ted?”



“Er; yeh…”

“So Kirsty’s your favourite?”

“Not likely – I prefer that wots ‘er name – Lucy Verysamey on ITV; you know… the one who used to be on Daybreak…”

“I know who you mean… she’s very samey alright – all seductive shoulder, spray tan, tight blouses, pert breasts and pout: don’t think I haven’t seen you lookin’!”

Yeh… doesn’t matter what the weather is when she’s on…”

“You don’t look at me like that anymore.”

“Cold front, lingering depression and too many isobars…”

“What’d you say Ted?”

“Er; nuthin’…”

“Don’t you go all Michael Fish on me and deny it!”

“I said it’s cold on the front so let’s enjoy it while it lasts up here behind the bars.”

Hmmmyeh… that’s what I thought you said.”

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