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Helen Flanaga(i)n

helen-flanagan 2“Nelson Mandela?!  R-e-a-l-l-y?  Aah – that’s like just so awful!  Oh that poor man what with only having one eye and everything…  No wonder he’s in hospital!”


Helen Flanaga(i)n

Ex-Coronation Street actress Helen Flanagan admits she has plans to do Shakespeare in the future…helen-flanagan-spec-wearer-630-jpg_093849

 “Yeh… it’s like something I’ve always had totally in mind – but obviously there are loads of fitter, younger guys I want to do first before I have to get around to some sort of like wrinkly old sugar daddy type…”

On The Red Carpet

anne-hathaway- oscars“And the Award for Best Unsupported Actress goes to…”


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