Men and Sex – A Price Worth Paying

Two Businessmen Drinking“You still going out with that Tiffany?”


“No?!  I thought you’d set her up in her own flat in the West End?!”

“I did…”

“Also that little country cottage near Falmouth?”


“And didn’t you provide her with an American Express Platinum card with no upper limit?”

“That’s right…”

“Then there was that boutique nail bar she always wanted – oh, and those night club premises so she could, what was it… ‘follow her dream’?”


Also that exclusive gym membership, the personal trainer, the charge account at Harrods, the new sports car, and of course – wasn’t there that little run around for her mother as well?”

“Sure was…”

“Oh, and didn’t you take her to Rome and Sydney… er, and New York and Las Vegas too?”

“Yeh, and Cape Town… all club class flights, all at top first class hotels, all in the last year…”

“Woooh… So what happened?!”

“She left me…”

“After all that?!”

“Yeh, and the rest…”

“There’s more?!”

“Tip of the iceberg..”

“All gone?!”

“Yeh, all cashed in – or cashed out…”

“Wow… Did she say why?!”

“She went off with someone richer…”

“No warning?”

“Just a post it note when I came back from a conference one evening…”

“Scheming little bitch!


Bloody hell!”

“I know…”

“Out of the blue you say?”

“Yeh… I’d just given her a few thousand spending money the night before…”

“Jee-zus… All that… What on earth did you get out of it, fer chrissakes?!”

“A permanent hard-on for a year…”

“Oh, right…”


“She was hot though, wasn’t she?”

“A total hottie…”

“Lovely girl deep down…”

“Yeh, lovely…”






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