Michael Gove And The First World War – A Singalong

Joyce Grenfell 2“Hello Children…


Can we settle down now please?  Come along…

That’s it – Shane, Wayne, Duane… Jordan, George…George?!

Er… Kai, Sky – and that means you as well… Samsung and Nokia… good…

Now children this morning in assembly we’re going to sing a song for that terribly nice Mr Gove…

Don’t worry dear… you’ll know the tune as Michael Row The Boat Ashore

No you can’t go to the toilet yet…

Right… altogether now…”

Poppies red

All follow the bouncing ball… 

Michael Gove on the first world war, Hallelujah
Children’s understanding rotten to the core, Hallelujah

Left-wing bolshies fudge the key details, Hallelujah
Lions led by donkeys is the lie they hail, Hallelujah

The education gap is deep and wide, Hallelujah
Too many chavs upon the other side, Hallelujah

Paxman sounds a trumpet and stuck in his oar, Hallelujah
But Michael says mixed metaphors don’t win a war, Hallelujah

Michael’s busy writing the Establishment’s note, Hallelujah
Designed to keep the Victorian era afloat, Hallelujah

The opposition claim Gove’s an educational bore, Hallelujah
Got to keep grades up or you’ll be shown the door, Hallelujah

Baldrick has a cunning plan to see, Hallelujah
But Michael says the details don’t scan for you and me, Hallelujah

Michael Gove on the first world war, Hallelujah
Playing fast and loose with the needs of the poor, Hallelujah

Michael Gove on the first world war, HallelujahWW1 Trenches

Revising history’s a duty but never a chore, Hallelujah 



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